It's all about sharing experiences and building competencies is for sharing tools, methods and practical experience in little, chewy bites to excel and share learning within the fields of:

Management consulting

Structuring, analyzing and communicating findings

Customer and user experience

Figuring out what customer really want

Digital design and strategy

Designing the future and deciding where to go

If you can't implement it, it is just a waste of time!

Methodbites is about hands-on, real life practical experience that is easy to adopt and implement as part of your daily work.

Tools, methods, approaches must be carved out in easy-accessible, tangible ways, allowing practitioners on all levels to get acquainted with and implement the tools in everyday work life - bit by bit, bite by bite.


Kresten Banke

Kresten Banke
Founder and author

Background and experience from Management Consulting,  IT and Business Development.
Employment at various consultancy companies and within the financial sector.